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Danganronpa OC - Gozu Naito :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 5 1 Creeping on Halloween :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 1 2 Kamen Rider - War Has Begun :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 4 0 Kamen Rider Hero - Never Giving Up :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 2 3
CP OC Chatroom
RedEyeSlender enters chat
TimxLeslie4ever entered
RedEyeSlender: Hey Tim....
TimxLeslie4ever: Dude, I got collection of Leslie's pantsu in my camera~
Wanna see?
NotNina enters
RedEyeSlender: Dude no! Stop saying "pantsu" you sound like a weeaboo
NotNina: What's it about pantsu?
RedEyeSlender: Dammit Nina!
RedEyeSlender left
NotNina: Gee who puts salt in his cereal? Now what's it about pantsu?
TimxLeslie4ever: I got a whole collection...wanna see~?
NotNina: Sure.....
I'm going to be gone for awhile...Taking my girl some shopping...
TimxLeslie4ever: Alright. Leslie is taking a shower <3
TimxLeslie4ever left
NotNina left
:iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 1 103
-Time Skip- Yama Mouto :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 2 0 Team BAYZ :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 2 0
Burn Bright, Juane! Part 1
   After Pyrrha’s death, Jaune went into a deep depression. He couldn’t bear the loss of someone he holds close. The golden haired hunter stayed in total isolation of his home in his bed holding the headpiece of his fallen friend. His family worried, his friends are distressed, and himself is on edge of self doubt,
“I should’ve died...not her...I don’t deserve to live especially for a coward of a leader like myself…” he teared up for the 510th time this month and cried, “I’m sorry, Pyrrha...I’m so sorry…” he curled up like a saddened child and cry himself to sleep.
Meanwhile in another dimension….
“Aye! Watch This! Watch This! Open, it’s me! Let’s go! Deadset! G-G-Go Ghost! Go Go Go!”
Kamen Rider Ghost, Takeru Tenkuji, fighting the Ganma; spirits from the Ganma world that tries to turned their world into their new utopia.
“Is it me? Or these Ganma are easy?” Taker
:iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 2 0
Team BAYZ (except Yama) :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 2 4 A Scouts Job :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 5 0 Creeper Cosplay as Issei :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 1 2
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V: Rouges
After the events of the first story, Yuto was very disappointed on Yuuya, “Yuuya, what were you thinking!? Why are you falling for the enemy?”
“She's not the enemy. She changed, I told you” Yuuya cried,
“I know you believe in her but you must watch your back because one day you'll be betrayed by someone you trust” Yuto then disappeared once he and Yuuya reached back to their base.
Sayako saw Yuuya returned, she then go tell the others that he came back safe and sound. Shun, Kaito, Gongzenka, Swatari and Allen ran as they heard her, they saw him without a scratch on him. Kaito was surprised that Yuuya wasn’t harmed after taking on one of the Tyler sisters, “Yuuya, what happened?” he asked,
“Oh uhh...we dueled and it ended by a tie. I managed to escape from her” he said, with a little feeling of a bulge in his throat since they don’t know what really happened.
Sayaka noticed a kiss mark on Yuuya’s cheek, she st
:iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 4 1
RWBY: Pre date talk from Yang :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 5 0 Yuya and Grace date :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 1 0
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V: Entertain me, Yuuya Sakaki~!
After the duel against Yuuya and Shun, Gloria and Grace Tyler were amazed by Yuuya's entertainment dueling, so amazed on how a boy like Yuya duels with such cheerfulness despite risking his own life to make them smile. Grace is the most amazed by his dueling, she wanted to see more of his dueling like a little girl visiting the circus with her family. She never seen dueling like that at the Academia in the Fusion Dimension, her heart desires more, it's like she fell in love with Yuuya’s dueling or even...the entertainer himself.
“Yuuya, that duel was so amazing!” She said with cheer,
“Grace, he's our enemy! Don't be amused by that Lancer!”
“But Gloria, I wanted to see more of his dueling style” Grace gives her that sad puppy look,
“I'm not falling for that, sister. Now let's head to base, we must plan for our next battle with the Lancers while Edo scolds Noroma.” She says, while dragging Grace back to base where Edo Phoenix resides.
:iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 4 2
CP OC: Creeper (UPDATED) :iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 4 0


Marco Poo... Again :iconryllcat21:ryllcat21 110 15 Fapping (Rage Comic 58) :icon1ragecomic1:1RageComic1 93 34 Nothing to do here :iconcosenza987:cosenza987 620 243 Calling 911.... But Wait 3 -Rage Comic- :iconalbowtross91:Albowtross91 83 27 The Owl Turkey Meme :iconmemecomedy:MemeComedy 741 40 Freshman Year :icononyxcarmine:onyxcarmine 429 31 Regret :iconproxyoutsider:Proxyoutsider 7 0 .:In love with a human:. :iconlunaticlily13:LunaticLily13 39 13 Specter Knight :iconniking:Niking 252 8 Offical Jarco Seal :iconjumparoundjumpjump:JumpAroundJumpJump 48 10 WATCH OUT! :iconvaporotem:vaporotem 1,129 153 Who wants to present next? :iconliztheartist:LizTheArtist 4 0
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Danganronpa OC - Gozu Naito
Holy shit I haven't posted awhile. Well here's a new OC.
Name: Gozu Naito
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 143lbs
Likes: RPG games, meat, medicine (kinda addicted), swords
Dislikes: Needles, Pay to win games, cheap role play weapons
Class: 76th
Super High School Level: Role Player
Role play Sword and Shield
Health Pills
Love letter to Seiko Kimura
A lover to the RPG and adventure, Gozu wants to make the ultimate RPG that brings smiles to everyone. Gozu keeps a notebook containing notes on what to add and what people likes. He usually plays it in real life and ended up getting beaten up by the SHSL bullies. And goes to Seiko for help.
Well I'm probably one of the others who noticed the problem with this sellout. I don't where to begin with this...maybe let's start off with the lack of animation in the channel. Back then Disney used to have lots of great cartoons like Ducktales, Gargoyles and Good Troop in the 90's, then in the early 2000's to the around 2016, there were alot of funny and great cartoons like Kim Possible, The Proud Family, American Dragon: Jake Long and Gravity Falls.
But now since Gravity Falls ended, it's full of unfunny live action sitcoms that has no originality, and don't try to fucking defend these shows because I torture myself by watching these shitty shows and was right with Disney being a sellout. Im not saying that I hate all live action shows, there were The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Phil of the Future, Lizzie Maguire, That's so Raven and Corey in the House (and fuck you if you say that was a good anime), what's wrong with these shows? Why are they full of musical numbers? Why is it always be about unpopular teenage girls in love or some shit like that? It's like wearing it out the genre of sitcoms.
A friend of mine says it's like they slap a title on it and make money of it. Come on, Disney! You already bought Marvel and Star Wars, make use out of them! Oh wait, that's only on Disney XD, another channel like Nicktoons that some don't have. That is also full of variety of cartoons....well good cartoons. Similar to Nickelodeon, their cartoons gets moved to make room for more shit. Gravity Falls, the most popular show on Disney gets moved to Disney XD after season one, from the final episode of the show was also aired on the channel. Episodes of the second half of season 2 Gravity Falls that aired on Disney XD, aired on the Disney Channel at least once. But now I hardly ever seen a cartoon on the Disney Channel.
And don't get me started with "Original" movies crap, Disney showed because they dont make sense and it maybe a separate rant later. Well tha ks for listening to my rambling.


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